Short #1: Outside the System


When 18 year old Porter is forced to leave his Foster Home,
he gets some unwelcome advice from a rebellious teenage girl. Teaser

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Short #2: Phyto


Catalina becomes enticed by a plant whom she believes
is instructing her to kill an already dying rose. In the process, Catalina slowly
begins to morph into the plant world. Teaser |  Web page | IMDB  |  EPK

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Short #3: Neurotic Desire

ND poster

An abusive relationship becomes complicated when the line
between victim and abuser gets blurred. | Teaser

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Short #4 : Sway

the raven poster

When Timothy sets out on a camping trip to
prove his manliness, a run in with a strange girl will leave him
questioning his fashion choices. | Teaser

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Short #5: Lingered

lingered main poster

A college student is plagued with the responsibility of
caring for her sister after her failed suicide attempt.
Together, they must learn to live again.  IMDB | Web Page

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Short #6: Under the Bed

under the bed movie poster

When Samantha goes to bury
her doll, a change of events will test
her and her older sister.  IMDB | Watch it here

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Short #7: Div | ded

divided movie poster
Reunited over Skype, Ava looks to
Taylor for temporary company. Watch it here

Short #8: Raveled

raveled poster
Before moving out of state, Leah decides
to invite over her former crush for one last get together. IMDB |  Teaser

Short #9: Larkynn

When two roommates devise a plan to get a boy to date them, their identities and friendship will be tested.

Short #10: Absorb