Kelanie’s Personal Statement

As I flip through behind the scene photos and watch our trailers I get excited. Excited because I set out to make something and I did.

We had big hopes and dreams with this experiment which were maybe too big to fit the reality of micro budgets and the willingness of others to act as crew (for free).

We were disappointed. I was disappointed.

But, I am really proud. If I didn’t do this I wouldn’t have grown as a filmmaker. The Sharpen Experiment is about getting better. Failure leaves space for growth.

What a wonderful time we had! Sleepless nights, endless laughter and extreme focus in the midst of university finals and full-time jobs.

Despite all the bad, we succeeded in making films that touch the viewer emotionally and were told with unique, compelling and character-driven themes.

From a foster home to a dream world, abusive relationships and loneliness, suicide and family dynamics, laughing and disconnection, we were able to cover a range of topics on our films. I will never forget the feeling of seeing my film on-screen while others reacted to something I have created.

I want to thank Alyssa for being the best filmmaking partner I could ask for. She carried me through my lows and stuck through this experiment.

I look forward to future productions where I’ll always know I started with ten little short films made from nothing.


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