The End: Short Film #10

This is it. Our last film. Before I jump into the process of making it, I want to summarize what our goals and expectations were for film 10 when we started this experiment.

When we came up with the idea to make 10 short films, the goal was to allow ourselves to make really bad films so that we could learn from our mistakes by film #10. Although we didn’t intentionally set out to make bad films, we knew it was inevitable because we are both amateurs. However, by having 9 films under our belt, we assumed that our 10th film would be amazing.

We were wrong.

By the time we reach film #10, roughly 2 years after we started the experiment, we were experiencing burnout. Our burnout was not just with filmmaking, but with lack of resources, reliable crew, time constraints, and motivation. Film  #10 almost didn’t happen.

With the bit of energy we had left, we pulled together three actors, a very small crew, a last-minute location, and a 5 page script. Needless to say, we just wanted to be done.


Aside from our very first film, #10 was the fastest shoot we had. We did about 2 takes of each shot. We didn’t spend much time on coverage or performance for this one. We took a little time on design but that was because we were able to shoot in an empty room.




When we finished, it wasn’t a big celebration of the accomplishment we just had by completing 10 short films. Instead, we packed the equipment, cleaned up the place, and went home.  It felt like we had just watched a movie that was building up to a huge climax and instead, simply ended. Our experiment simply ended.


Our 10th short film was not what we were expecting to make when we started this experiment. However, we didn’t take into consideration how much effort we would pour into 9 films before we reached 10. To have come this far and finish what we started is an accomplishment. It just didn’t feel as satisfying as we hoped.



What do you think?

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