Co-Written: Short Film #9

When planning for short film #9, we decided to do something different. All our films up to this point have been dramas and we wanted to switch it up by making a comedy. Since neither of us feel like comedy was our forte, we teamed up to write LARKYNN.

Synopsis: When two roommates devise a plan to get a boy to date them, their identities and friendship are tested.



During our story development process, we knew we needed to cast a good actress to bring Larkynn, the title character, to life. We posted the role online and watched many audition tapes before we found Alessandra. As soon as we saw her tape, we knew she was perfect for the role. From there, we cast Cameron to play the typical hot guy Luke, and Alyssa to play the friend. We felt very confident in our casting.

Rehearsals flowed well because by now, we had a system to it. Although this was our longest short film to date, 17 pages, the quick paced dialogue made it feel shorter than it was which made rehearsals fast and fun.


Since our main actress was coming from an hour away, we worked hard to schedule all her scenes on the first day of filming. That meant we started early in the morning and finished at almost midnight. That also meant, everything had to be perfect because we wouldn’t have any days for re-shoots.



As fate would have it, we ran into problem after problem. The day before we began filming we learned that the camera we reserved became unavailable. So, we had to use a back up camera and didn’t have time to get familiar with it. Also, throughout the day we were constantly short on crew. We filmed over a holiday weekend and the majority of our usual weren’t around. This put a lot of pressure on the two of us to play multiple roles we weren’t anticipating.


By the end of the day, we were all drained. We had to rush a few scenes and didn’t get the coverage we wanted. All we could do was hope everything looked okay in post.


Day two was a breeze because we only had two scenes to shoot. We had as much time as we wanted and were able to get a ton of coverage. The entire day only took about three hours to complete.




LARKYNN was one of our favorite scripts and probably the most excited we’d been for a shoot in a while. We had very high hopes for it and got great feedback with the script. Unfortunately, none of that matters when an SD card gets corrupted. For the first half of day one, we didn’t realize that we were filming with a corrupted SD card. Since we used a camera we didn’t have time to familiarize ourselves with, we didn’t catch the error until it was too late.

Because of this, a completed film didn’t get edited. This was devastating to us because we put so many hours into making this production happen.


If LARKYNN was the only project we wanted to make this year, we would have taken the time for re-shoots. However, that’s not how our experiment works. We set out to make 10 short films and see what all we could learn on the way. During this film we learned how heart breaking it is to unknowingly film on a corrupted memory card. We guarantee we will never make that mistake again!



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