Set Success: Short Film #8

Up to this point of filmmaking, we have been trying to make in-depth  films. For #8, we decided to tell a full story in just one scene/one location. It was almost going back to basics for us. After a few drafts, Raveled was created.

Synopsis: Before moving out of state, Leah decides to invite over her former crush for one last get together.


For the male lead, we really wanted a strong actor who could pull off the nice guy who’s also a player. We were lucky enough to cast Char Smith as our lead. With Alyssa in the role of the female lead, we had a great cast.

We started off with a simple table read over video chat. Then, we had an in-depth rehearsal.  The chemistry was working really well so we anticipated a smooth shoot.



By now, we had perfected the production binder. The binder is so important for us, it’s almost another person on set. The two most used items in the binder are the shot list and the script. If we could give one word of advice for aspiring filmmakers, it’s to have an organized production binder on set at all time.



Without a doubt, Raveled was our most successful shoot of the entire sharpen experiment. It seemed that we finally did everything right. Our preparation for this film lead to a near perfect shoot. Because of our rehearsals and pre-production, everyone on set knew exactly what to do. We were on schedule the entire time and the performance was a breeze. There was a slight issue with some random gasoline being spilled and then doused with lavender car soap, but once we got over the smell, everything went smooth.

Besides our pre-production being spot on, the crew was the real reason why the shoot was so successful. Everyone was extremely focused, yet we all had a great time. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good crew who knows what they are doing but also provide a good environment.





Organization can make a huge difference on a set. We spent weeks getting ready for an 8 hour shoot and it all paid off. Raveled was a sweet short film that reminded us why we did the sharpen experiment in the first place, and that was to learn how to make a successful short film.


Watch the teaser here:


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