60 Hour Film Fest Day 3: Short Film #6

Day 3 of the 60 hour film fest was extremely stressful. With day one being dedicated to concept and day 2 being dedicated to filming, day 3 was mainly about editing. We knew we would end up using every last-minute of day 3 in order to complete the film.

Since we didn’t get all the shots we needed the day before, we used the first few hours to finish everything up. While we were out filming, we had an editor work on putting the film together. For the first half of the day, we felt extremely confident that we would get a successful film turned into the festival. However, by the second half of the day, the panic set in.



When we finished getting all the shots we needed and got to the editing bay, the film was taking longer to edit than we anticipated. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything to speed up the process. We had no choice but to wait.


By 11:00pm, we realized that if we didn’t wrap things up, we wouldn’t have a completed film. So, we finished up what we could and sent the film in. Even though it’s not our absolute best, we are so proud that we finished the film only 60 hours.

We hope you enjoy it!



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