Inspiration for the Aspiring Filmmaker

Lets be real. Being an aspiring filmmaker is not easy. Most of us have to balance full-time (non film related) jobs while we chase our dreams during our free time. It’s not always easy sitting at our ‘regular’ jobs while we could be out creating stories. It can also get discouraging when it seems like everyone around us is succeeding at a faster rate. In times like these, it helps to have a little extra inspiration and know how to use it.

When you find yourself in need of a little inspiration, the following can be extremely helpful.

Short Films

Short films are a quick go to for inspiration and a good laugh. With such easy access to short films on the internet, you never really know what you’re going to get. Believe it or not, short films can be extremely quotable due to such amateur dialogue. But, not all short films are amateur. There are actually some really great films out there and we have found a lot of inspiration from watching short films.

Traveling Journal

A traveling journal does just that, travel. Both Kelanie and I have a small journal that goes everywhere with us. They are messy, tattered, dirty, and hold just about all of our most important ideas and thoughts. These journals not only come with us to museums and festivals, but they sit on our desks at work. Inspiration is not just something that happens while in creative atmospheres, so make sure you’re ready to write that idea down.

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There are so many apps that boost creativity. We have raved about Pinterest before, but that’s not the only amazing app we use. Some of our favorites for inspiration are:

  • VSCO which is instagram for photographers
  • StumbleUpon lets you post and read complied articles of your interest through random selection
  • Reddit allows you to read and post personal opinions and testimonies on just about any topic out there
  • Flipboard lets you collect articles and make little magazine folders for you to flip through at ease


If you’re looking for a more guaranteed approach to inspiration, reading a professional script is bound to snap some creativity into you. There are plenty of feature-length scripts online to learn and get inspiration from. Before we make a short film, we like to pick a few feature films as inspiration for our project. One of the things we do with these features is read the script and study the writing style and film pacing. This helps us tremendously when it comes to writing out shorts.

To view a list of screenplays, click here.


For more ideas on inspiration, check out our post about creativity and our post about music.



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