60 Hour Film Fest Day 2: Short Film #6

Day two of the 60 Hour Film Challenge began a tad stressed. Since 21 of our 60 hours were already gone from Day 1 we felt the pressure. On top of the pressure, we were only able to get our child actor for a short amount of time due to her being only 7 years old. This forced us to get everything right in just a few takes.

IMG_8224.jpgWhen we arrived on set, everyone was focused on their specific job and began setting up right away.  We wanted to be done filming by 6:00pm so that we could start editing as soon as possible. This gave us roughly 5 hours to film. Since the actors only had a few hours to memorize the lines, we had to film in shorter increments than usual. We also decided to film in chronological order to keep things as easy as possible.

IMG_8194IMG_8306The start of filming was a bit rocky because our child actor was so excited by the location, all she wanted to do was play. When we had to sit her down in the car to begin filming, she was a bit bored. This is where all our tips came in handy.

IMG_8351Since everyone was so nice to her, she ended up cooperating and we were able to get the opening takes. From there, things moved pretty fast. That is, until we needed our child actor to cry.

We knew she had the capability to cry because of her previous movie casting. However, by the time we filmed that scene, she was pretty worn out and ready to relax. It also didn’t help that the entire crew was watching her. So, we decided to have everyone hide and we gave her some alone time to make herself sad and cry. Eventually, it worked and we never felt so happy to see a child cry.

IMG_8297.jpgAfter we filmed what we thought was the toughest scene, we came to the home stretch. Except, another problem stood in our way. Light. The location we filmed at was at the base of a mountain. We never considered the fact that even though the sun would still be up, it would get hidden behind the mountain causing a major light shift.

IMG_8374.jpgThis was extremely stressful for us since we were anticipating to use every bit of daylight possible. Because of this drastic light change, we weren’t able to get all the shots we needed. Therefore, we had to finish filming the following day. So, we took the footage we had and gave it to the editor to begin working his magic.

Overall, we had less than 24 hours to complete the entire film, no pressure…

*Photos by Erik Harty


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