7 Songs to Put on Your Writing Playlist

Getting into the mood to write everyday can be very hard, especially when writing a specific genre. That is why music can be so vital to the writing process. There are few things out there that will instantly set the mood and help you focus on story. Music is one of those things. The following 7 songs are, which are written by 3 composers, are in my opinion must have’s for any writing playlist.

1. Hands Cover Bruises – Social Network

This song comes from the award winning score featured in the movie The Social Network. Its unique sound is perfect for writing dramas and thrillers.

2. Theme from American Beauty

This song is effortless and beautiful. From musical composer Thomas Newman, this song can instantly set the writing mood.

3. Nemo Egg – Finding Nemo

This is another great song from Thomas Newman. You wouldn’t expect a song written for a cartoon to pack such an emotional punch. However, this song not only gives you the feels, it also helps you focus when writing drama.

4. Brooks Was Here – Shawshank Redemption

Thomas Newman is rather popular on this list. This third song from the amazing composer just happens to be from the highest IMDb rated movie, The Shawshank Redemption. This song can easily blend into background music and play on repeat while you write emotionally driven scenes.

5. Technically, Missing – Gone Girl

From the same composers who did The Social Network, the entire Gone Girl score is an amazing journey of music. However, this song represents the turning point of the movie and is in general an amazing, tension building song. I find that it’s perfect when writing in various genres.

6. Samwise the Brave – Lord of the Rings

There are many great songs from the 3 movies of Lord of the Rings. With over 4 hours of music to listen to, this song is one of the best. It not only takes you on a journey, but the rise and fall of the melody makes for adventurous writing.

7. Road to Perdition Theme

This calm song is perfect for background music when writing. It creates such a calm atmosphere for the mind. It’s perfect for writing romance and dramas.


What songs do you listen to when writing? Let us know below!


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