Signs You’re Working with the Wrong People

by Kelanie Aragon

Disclaimer: This article refers to first-time filmmakers who are collaborating with other creatives without any compensation. Sometimes they’re your friend or are in film school. Either way, these are initial red flags to look out for.

Every now and then we get stuck working with the wrong people. Not only are these people detrimental to productions, but they add unnecessary stress to anyone involved in making a film. So, check for these red flags before you agree to work with someone.

working with the wrong person

They agree with everything you say.
Why is this a sign? Because they’re not bringing anything to the table and chances are they aren’t going to be invested in your project. While it’s nice to have someone agree with you, teamwork in filmmaking means adding to ideas and growing a concept.

They don’t answer emails.
It doesn’t matter if this is the smallest production or collaboration, when you send update emails your team should email back either confirming or adding additional information.

They show up late to meetings or cancel last minute
They either show up half an hour late, or shoot you a text right before saying, “sorry, can’t make it today.” Take that as foreshadowing for what will happen on the shoot day.

Don’t let someone sabotage a project you have worked so hard for. If you see any of these red flags, save yourself the heartache, and don’t work with them.


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