The Editing Heartbreak: Short Film #4

by Kelanie Aragon

We have already made it clear how disappointing the production of Sway was. However, I always tend to stay positive in the editing room because anything is possible! Well…almost anything.


Throughout this experiment, I’ve learned that one of the most challenging things is actually finishing a film. It’s easy to give up when things get tough, but I was determined to edit Sway in its entirety.

Since I had delayed so much when editing our 3rd short film, Neurotic Desire, I figured it would do no harm to delay in editing Sway. This worked out because it gave me time outside of the editing room to mentally solve some problems. However, I couldn’t have prepared myself for the problems I faced.

Rough cut

After syncing sound and assembling footage, I started piecing the shots together. I was happy because the opening scene of the film is very powerful. It demands attention to detail and grabs the audience from the first shot. I was pleased with the entire first sequence because it was exactly what I envisioned when we filmed. However, a rough cut is still very chopped up. It doesn’t look its best until fine cut…

Fine cut

When I started to work on fine cut, I worked in sequences. That’s when I saw all the problems, our biggest being sound. Almost all the scenes had compromising sound. The only way to fix it would be to ADR which I wanted to avoid. I also did not have enough shots to edit together a decent scene. My heart was broken. Reshooting was out of the question, but I still didn’t want to give up.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.13.29 PM


I didn’t quit, but I didn’t edit the entire film. I realized during fine cut that I couldn’t make a cohesive story. So, I made a trailer instead. I took the best shots that would make sense and made a condensed version of what we had intended Sway to be. As bummed as I am to not have been able to edit the short film, it was my best option.



Now that I have had time to analyze our mistakes in Sway, I realize how important this film has been for growth. And, it reminded me about the importance of our experiment and making every project better than the last.



What do you think?

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