5 Easy Ways to Stay Creative

by Kelanie Aragon

Sometimes it’s hard to access our inner creative genius. We all experience those dull, uninspired periods in our creative process. So, how can we be proactive and find ways to trigger our creativity?

1. Watch the sunset.

Yes, those beautiful colors in the sky can be quite inspiring. Spending time outside and in nature can work wonders. Take a deep breath and observe.

2. Keep a journal.

Keeping a journal allows you to look back and reflect on past experiences.

Don’t have the time? Try to write just one sentence a day. You’ll be surprised at how something you wrote in the past can trigger a new idea.

3. People watch.

Staying creative has a lot to do with being aware of what’s around  you. You know that coffee shop you like so much? Go sit in the corner and people watch for an hour. Write down everything you see and hear. You might create characters for your next film. Creating characters from real people and dialogue from real conversations will add authenticity to your projects. 

4. Rearrange your room.

Your physical space has a huge impact on your creativity. It has major affect your mood and can either kill your creativity or enhances it. However, the best part about our room is that we have control over it. Keep in mind that colors, light and decor are elements you can play with to bring you a creative mindset.

5. Visit an art gallery.

Focus on one piece for as long as you can. What do you see? What story is it telling you? How does it make you feel? Art inspires art and you might come up with a setting, a character, or a plotline.


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