5 Helpful (and Free!) Filmmaking Apps

by Kelanie Aragon

These apps are not only helpful, but free. They have benefitted many aspiring filmmakers and we hope they will help you too!

  1. Shot Designer

This app is great for creating an overhead diagram or lighting diagram. It allows you to add props, characters, cameras, lights and notes all over it. A must for pre-production!

  1. Magic Hour

This app is for the cinematographers out there! It helps you know the best times of day to shoot, including magic hour, sunrise, sunset and it helps you film at night with moon light.  

  1. Celtx Shots and Celtx Cards

Two apps here, and similar to Shot Designer. Celtx Shots is great for storyboarding and visual organization. Celtx Cards is great for writers! It helps you outline your story and plot points. You can create index cards that are color coded and filtered.

  1. NC Film

Another helpful pre-production app. NC Film allows you to browse and find locations, hire crew, rent equipment, and much more.

  1. American Cinematographer

This is a filmmaking Bible for cinematographers. It has information on how to stay safe on set, how to prepare digital camera equipment, and a table reference for lens and formulas.  



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