Keeping The Artist Alive

by Kelanie Aragon

Rejection feels horrible. It brings us down and we start questioning our talent. Every time we hear a critique, the artist inside of us dies a little. But how can we use rejection to spark our creativity?

First, understand that rejection is part of life. You will hear “No” a lot before you hear a “Yes,” and that’s okay. The problem is when we let the criticism keep us from doing what we love.

When you encounter the harsh critiques and negative feedback, don’t discard it. Use it as an opportunity for growth. Instead of reacting negatively, why not take it as a challenge? Why not take a step back and re-evaluate your artistic choices?

Keeping the artist alive means staying true to your story and finding new ways to be clear in conveying that story. Don’t create with an expectation of receiving something in return. Do it because you have something to share that others can connect with. Don’t let rejection and criticism slow you down, learn from it and continue on your artist’s path.

People are drawn to authenticity. Your rawness has power. A true artist is the person who confronts their demons and turns what they find into a creative work. Be vulnerable, work hard, learn from everything you make and keep the artist alive.

We’d like to hear from you, how do you deal with rejection?



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