5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

by Alyssa Hunt

Too often, the process of writing involves staring at a blank page. Writer’s block is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in the middle of a project. Every writer is different when it comes to the perfect cure, so here are a few ways you can jumpstart your creativity.

  1. Sweat It Out

Take a workout break. 10 minutes to an hour will do. Working out is proven to stimulate your brain and release endorphins that translate into creativity. By doing a quick workout, you are basically preparing your brain for hours of focus time.

  1. Timed Write

Set an alarm for 5 minutes and hack away at the pages. Write about anything that pops into your mind. Chances are you will be surprised where the words take you. You might even find that when your alarm goes off you will want to keep going.

  1. Change Location

Go for a drive. Try a new coffee shop. Write outside. Sometimes our usual creative surroundings can dull our creative senses. Changing location can help you approach your story from different angles and provide you with a fresh perspective.

  1. Read A Movie

Yep! Don’t watch it, read it! You can download just about any script online (just follow the title with Script PDF). If you read a script from a movie you have seen and love, you can follow along quite easy. Learn from the action lines, dialogue, writing style and draw out some creativity from a plot. This activity helps even more if you read a script from the genre you are writing.

  1. Read Old Journals

Most writers have numerous journals and notebooks lying around with old ideas and doodles. Take a look at those. Remind yourself of previous ideas and inspirations. You just might come across a brilliant concept that’s been lost in the scribblings of your pages. If you don’t have old journals, it’s never too late to start keeping one!



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