3 Ways To Unify Your Vision With Your Crew

So, you have a great idea for a short film. You explain it as best you can, but no one gets it. Try these three easy tips to create a clear and unified vision for your crew.

1. Storyboards
Create a storyboard. By sketching each scene, you provide a visual representation of your ideas. Not only will this help you map out your film in a more organized way, but your crew will understand exactly what you are looking for.

2. Pinterest
Pinterest is a favorite of ours. You can find pins and create ‘mood boards’ to show color palette, lighting, setting, costume, hair, and makeup. Check out our short film boards.

3. Pictures
Take your own pictures of location at different times of day (to see how the lighting varies), costumes, decor, and anything else that represents the aesthetic you are looking for. Start thinking like a filmmaker and always be looking for inspiration. Have your camera–or cellphone–ready to capture anything that exemplifies your vision, clarifying it not only for your crew, but for yourself as well.



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