3 Ways to Cut the Cliché

By Alyssa Hunt

We’ve all seen it. That cliché, worn out story. They say that there are no new stories, but as a filmmaker, it’s your job to try to make a story feel new. How can you avoid cliché and write something fresh.

1. Don’t settle on your first idea.

First ideas are great because they get you in the creative zone. However, don’t feel obligated to stay with that first idea. In fact, with the amount of rewrites you should be doing, the first idea probably shouldn’t make it to the final draft. Push yourself to think further than that first idea.

2. If you can guess the ending, rewrite it.

If I can guess the ending of a movie, I will automatically give it a low rating. I watch movies to escape reality and be surprised. To avoid this, try letting a trusted friend read the first few pages of your script. If they can guess the ending, change it.

3. Avoid the Obvious

In life, we never know what’s going to happen. We can guess, but often it never goes how we planned. A story is no different. Just when things settle down, throw in a plot twist. Write the opposite of a stereotype. Kill a character. Instead of writing what the audience expects to come next, take them a different direction. This will keep the audience engaged and excited. If your story just falls into place, chances are it’s dull. Instead, throw some curve balls at them and let them enjoy the twist and turns.

Tell us how you avoid the cliché when you write!



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