The Final Draft: Short Film #1

By Kelanie Aragon

Although we were not confident with Outside the System going in to the editing process, new filmmakers often feel great about their project until they get to this point. Editing exposes everything.


Don’t Think You Can “Fix It In Post”


Despite our many mistakes in pre-production and filming, I still thought I could make OTS look good. Oh editing. I was in for a rude awakening.

OTS had no coverage, and our short, golden hour time window meant that our best performances were in the dark. Even though OTS could possibly pass as a mood piece (mumblecore?) it was not what we wanted.

I was faced with a tough decision: would I edit for performance or for aesthetic? I chose performance and was able to cut a scene that was reasonably coherent.

Remember, coverage, coverage, coverage! What you see with your own eyes is not always what the camera captures and you want plenty to work with in the editing room.

Marketing and Distribution

Show Your Best Work


We at Sharp agreed that we would not submit OTS to any festivals or post it online as a representation of our best work. However, we have hopes of one day presenting our ten films to mark our growth in filmmaking.


Do Learn From Your Mistakes



  • Struggles during production won’t work themselves out in post.
  • Anything you hope to be successful in, especially the entertainment industry, deserves quality time, hard work, and complete dedication.




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