3 Location Scouting Tips

By Alyssa Hunt

Location! Location! Location! It can make or break a film. Here are some helpful tips on finding the perfect location for your next project.

1. Go Off Campus

Nothing screams “Student Film” more than seeing a looming biology building or cafeteria in the background of a scene. Unless the script specifically calls for a school, investigate locations off campus. This will get you out of your comfort zone, develop your skills in finding unique places to shoot, and force you to network with people in the community, making future projects easier.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Found the perfect location, but not sure if you can film there? Ask! Sometimes the only thing that keeps you from your perfect location is the expectation of rejection. Unfortunately, you WILL be rejected sometimes, but you will also be surprised at how willing people are to work with you. Prepare for a no, but ask anyways. You never know when you will get a yes!

It is also important to verify if you need specific permits to film in certain places. When location scouting figure out if you can really shoot your film there.

3. Be Prepared

Before you secure your perfect location, do a walk through to double check that the location is practical for what you are filming. Locate outlets, restrooms, and extra space for equipment. Then, once location is locked, take pictures, make sketches of the layout, and run through blocking with your main actors. Having all of this ready before you film will ensure that production flows smoothly.



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