3 Tips to Improve Your Next Production

by Alyssa Hunt

So maybe your last production didn’t go as well as you hoped. We’ve all been there, and while it’s almost impossible to have a perfect production, there are strategies you can use to improve each time you set out to make a film.

  1. Give Yourself Time

Schedule enough time for everything that goes into a production, even craft services [a hungry set is a lazy set]. Always plan for more time than you think you will need and map out a schedule. If you go into production with unrealistic time constraints, hoping that everything goes perfectly, not only will you produce mediocre films, but others may not want to work with you in such a stressful and chaotic environment.

  1. Ask For Help

Filmmaking is a TEAM effort. One man crew‘s are tough. You risk major burnout by trying to complete a project–even short film–without a solid team. Sometimes it’s hard to let outsiders be a part of your creative projects, but including other filmmakers you trust will improve your projects immensely. It’s also really important to network so that you know who exactly you can trust on your sets.

  1. Don’t Allow Lazies On Set

A set needs to have a safe, positive, and productive atmosphere. Someone who is working half-heartedly, complaining, or constantly questioning your choices will only hurt your production. By not having these people on your sets, your production will be better for it, your cast and crew will respect you, and your set will remain a comfortable and creative place.



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