Passion Projects

by Alyssa Hunt

When we dive into a project that we claim is our ‘Passion Project’, sometimes the less than perfect end result leaves us feeling like our time has been wasted. In turn, we began to wonder if the project really was our passion and what went wrong. Great artists give their all when starting any project, especially one that is their passion. Yet, not all projects are winners. So ask yourself before you begin, is this really a passion project?

Time is far too valuable to waste. So before you began a passion project, check your excitement level compared to the other projects you’ve worked on. If you are working on a project that doesn’t bring you any joy, chances are you aren’t working on the right project. An easy way to think about this is, if you only had one year to live, would you still want to work on this project. If not, then a wasted time is inevitable.

Do you think this project will change your life? If we’re not growing and learning, than we are wasting time being stagnant. Creative projects should not only teach others about beauty and art, but they should teach us about ourselves. If you’re working on a project that feels empty, why work on it? If you have to look hard for a lesson or a captivating moment, then the project is probably too weak for you. However, if you feel like the smallest portion of your life will be changed by your time on the project, then it is definitely a passion.

Finally, if the project you are starting feels like the most important thing in the world, then you’ve found your passion project.  Do passion projects always turn out well? Not necessarily. Even passion projects can fail. However, if you fail at something you are not passionate about you may not be as open to learning and growing from that failure? During a passion project, artists tend to learn the most about themselves when working through the ups and downs of following their true calling and building a solid foundation for future success. It can be an extremely humbling and valuable time.

Have you ever worked on a project your weren’t passionate about? How was that experience?



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