Why Live Sharp?

by Kelanie Aragon

We at The Sharpen Experiment have applied the concept of “living sharp” into our own lives as well. So, what does it mean to “Live Sharp?”

When we began, we had no idea how much we would improve in such short time. At first, we simply decided to make ten shitty first films and hoped for the best. However, along the way, we have learned about more than just filmmaking.

There are two big mistakes an amateur filmmaker often makes. First, they underestimate themselves. They ask questions like:

“Do I really need a shot list? It’s just me and my friends filming, we’re just doing it for fun.”

“Why would I have a teaser or write a synopsis? It’s a small production is not gonna go anywhere…”

“Oh, we’ll just use iPhones…”

How will you ever achieve anything if you start with this attitude? You close the door to so many possible opportunities. Don’t wait for the “perfect” circumstances–bigger budget, expensive equipment, a bigger crew. Act as if you are a professional filmmaker and you just might surprise yourself.

The second big mistake amateur filmmakers will make is in overestimating themselves– thinking they are ‘too cool’ to ask for help, advice, or to collaborate with other amateur filmmakers. They might say things like:

“Call sheet? I know what I’m doing, so everyone will too.”

“It’s a five minute scene, so we don’t really need to plan things out. We’ll do it in a day.”

“A script? Oh no, I have everything in my head!”

Living sharp means finding balance between confidence and being humble. Set your intention and go after what you want, but don’t think it is a sign of weakness to ask for help and learn from others.

This concept of balance can be applied to all areas of your life: goal-setting, work ethic, and even relationships.

By choosing to live sharp, you learn to focus on what’s important, eliminating distractions and clutter in your mind and in your life.

We’d like to hear from you. In what ways have you under or overestimated yourself? How did you find balance?



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